Name that Roo!

Meet our new Roo!

Here’s what we know about him:

  • He is a Lavender Orpington with beautiful red waddles and comb. His eyes are brown and exude calmness and confidence.
  • He hatched in April of this year and while he is already twice the size of my little hens, he is only half grown.
  •  His feet and legs look like they belong to a turkey!
  • He chuckles and talks, especially to the ladies to whom he is already Cock-of-the-Walk.
  • He doesn’t crow much (yet), but I think he’s going to be a baritone.
  • Beth loved and spoiled the guy with oats and yogurt. Just hope I can keep up!

We’re looking for a name for him, so post your witticisms below!


10 thoughts on “Name that Roo!

  1. Barbara Krane says:

    He sounds Buddha-like – how about Sid (for Sidhartha?)

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  3. Scott Peckford says:

    I like Bowie, as in David Bowie.
    David Bowie is a baritone and if you check out his pic on the album cover for Aladdin Sane, they resemble each other… And, he certainly chuckles and struts for the ladies…

  4. Beth Laws says:

    Papa cock?

  5. Dixie Matson says:

    Lavendar Larry!

  6. Melissa Harper says:

    Eduardo 🙂

  7. (This is Andrea V. by the way…)

  8. Thanks for your suggestions, everyone! Wow, they are all great!

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