A Morning Visitor

A Morning Visitor

Our farm is just a couple of miles (as the eagle flies) from the Connecticut river. There is supposed to be a nice, recovering population of bald eagles on the river, but this is only the second I've seen in 10 years. No longer on the endangered species list, Bald Eagles are still protected.

Be-robed and be-slippered, I was out with the dogs and happened to look up. Good lord! What is that? Too big to be a hawk, wrong shape to be a turkey vulture. Could it be….?

Ran into the house for a camera. Batteries dead! Found some more, couldn’t figure out which way they went in. Hurry, hurry! Amazingly, the bird was still at rest, completely non-plussed, when I finally scrambled out.

Just look at that beak!

The crows, who will gang up to drive off a hawk, screamed from a distant tree: Hey YOU! Get outa here!

But they might as well’ve been a wisp of wind, for all that eagle cared.

Eventually, it took to flight, lazy and low over the bluebird field and out over  the pasture. Bet the resident red tails had a sharp eye on their morning visitor!

Should be interesting to see if all the chickens are still in the coop tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “A Morning Visitor

  1. Ginny H says:

    My husband Al and I lived in madison for 22 years and now have relocated to NJ. We used to watch the eagles float down on ice breakers they had built their nests on. They would fly off to fish and get food. Essex was a good watching place. Thanks for Sharing the photo I am a big Birder and watch several nest here in Jersey. Ginny H

  2. I can just picture that! What a great image. One of these days, I’d love to do a wildlife survey on the farm.

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