American Dagger Moth Caterpillar

Here’s another beautiful case of chemical warfare in every-day nature. The American Dagger Moth caterpillar, an exceptionally large, fuzzy bright yellow caterpillar with black “lashes”, about 2-1/2″ long. Apparently eats tree leaves (ash and alder among them). The bright yellow hairs can cause skin irritation.

Amercian Dagger Moth caterpillar

I found this guy storming through the lawn this morning. Typical for me, I had no idea he was a chemical-warfare bug and immediately picked him up. Also, I “saved” him by putting him in the flower garden, where there is nothing he likes to eat.

The American Dagger Moth is one of those large flat gray moths that hangs out on your screen at night. Apparently, it uses up all it’s color as a caterpillar.


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