Ames Hollow Farm is a 150-year old farm in the Connecticut River Valley, built over a hollow that bears the founder’s family name.

My grandparents purchased the farm in the 1940’s and raised their two sons here. Stories about Rosie the cow, Babe the stray dog who wandered into the house and laid his head down on the stove, and the war on snapping turtles punctuate Christmas dinner each year.

In the summer of 2010, after 26 years of life and community in my beloved Oregon, I sold my business, packed up the household and moved east to this wonderful farm, only to discover I know nothing about anything to do with farm life. Every day brings a fresh experience, a new wonder. And my relationships with my family members, all of whom live on this side of our great country, have blossomed beyond my wildest dreams.

Here are some stories for your amusement.



One thought on “About

  1. Robin Roberts says:

    Dear Lisa, I am new to the harvesting of chickens. I’m a sports car driving, doll collecting, wife and mother of three beautiful girls. I am 37 and moved to a country town after living in the city in California. After living in this ‘Andy of Mayberry’ town now for almost 15 years, I am just getting into the country and farming part of life. My Mom and I are enjoying the hobby of chicken keeping so much, they are like pets, as I have show line Silkies and she had her egg laying variety. With one two many roosters hatching out and running around my small yard, and with a hen or Rooster here and there at my Moms getting ill or attacking, I on my own have had to ‘ off them, ‘ as my brother who had helped me calls it. My Mom can’t find the nerve to do this. So, when my brothers occupied, I do it. I struggle though! Your blog about the day you killed White and Frank brought such comfort and emotion up because I had the very same experience recently, doing the deed the ‘bible’ way, after You Tubing everything I could find. The neck slit is not how I started. I was taught with a hatchet. But, the issue is I have come close to my hand trying to get a good solid swing while, like you said, the chicken, mind you some heavily feathered neck adage going on, cranes its neck very uncooperative compared to a needed straight stretched out neck. Instances I’ve encountered; missing my mark from nervousness, aim imperfection, courage and half hearted swings therefore not chopping a clean chop all the way through and needing a couple more panicked swings. All the while feeling horrible and questioning the ‘instant’ part of it ‘and’ will I lose a hand to a hatchet one time, self inflicted! In the least, I have yet to feel comfortable with any of the methods, as my most recent adventure was slitting the throat, primarily chosen last minute, due to my nervousness to hatchet my hand off, and enduring the same experience you did with White and Frank. Reading about your experience with White and Frank and hearing someone with the same sentiments, experience, and thoughts was exactly what I needed. I am a pioneer in my family on this one. A lover of animals, I grew up citified that violence and killing, blood and guts, are criminal life-in the movies and news. So, here I am, a chicken killer, trying to create the safest environment for myself and quickest most humane kill for these animals that, yes are food, but have been loved and snuggled and fed, carefully cared for, as pets. So I am pulled so thin on the heart strings that it takes me 2 months after the deed to come around to being able to be up for doing a deed like that again. I’d love to feed my family farm fresh lovingly raised chicken meat, rather than store bought. My dilemma, once the chicken is gone, I don’t have a problem with any of it. It’s the initial killing, taking the life, and not finding the right method I can sleep at night with. I wholeheartedly agree with you on the hatchet, but I am scared to death I am going to chop my hand off on of these times as the chops come too close for comfort, and the leg noose neck slice is ghastly. So, I’ve cornered myself and am merely at a check mate. What did you do the next time. You said it was the ‘hatchet’ for the following deeds. Do you have a new experience with this? What way and thoughts have you come up with. Geez, additionally my thoughts are I’m too sensitive. I have to gear up for farm life, and that’s my dilemma. But, I am not certain yet if that is really it, or, the right knack I have yet to discover. I would love to hear your new experience for dooms day. Have a wonderful day and thank you for the satisfying website!

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